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How to Peel and Chop an Onion

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  • Author: RecipeTeacher


The easiest and best way to chop and dice an onion for use in recipes and cooking.


  • 1 onion


  1. Start by slicing the top end of the onion, about 1/2″ into the bulb of the onion. Keep the root end intact.
  2. Place the onion on a cutting board, root end up, and slice vertically through the onion, cutting in half.
  3. Take 1 half and peel back the outer skin layers all the way to the root.
  4. Place flat-side down and make vertical cuts, about 1/4″ apart, but not all the way through the onion. Stop about 1/2″ short of the back (root) end.
  5. Now turn onion and slice crossways to previous cuts and watch diced pieces fall away.